Computer Science


Install and Configure an Operating System(KS3 - KS5)

This day or half day course is suitable for BTEC or Applied ICT courses where students are required to install and configure an operating system and/ or install software to provide additional functionality. Starting with a blank SD card and a Raspberry Pi with required peripherals, students connect the RPi to a PSU, keyboard, mouse, monitor and network. They then burn the OS image to SD card and configure it. They install software for management and to provide useful programs. They use a number of basic networking tools to test network connectivity and explore a Cisco managed switch.
The course is also suitable for technical staff looking to deploy the RPi safely in a school networked environment.

Programming projects in Python, C# and Javascript
AS Students

Students at AS may benefit from a half or whole day’s immersion in programming to start or develop their projects.
We can offer a starter course or a day’s work on developing projects. Programming environments can be offered in Windows or Linux (on the Raspberry Pi).

Python for GCSE

In Python everything is an object and variables are different from their implementation in other languages.
Starting with a typical KS4 project, students will

  • explore whether variables really store values
  • whether two identical lists are really the same
  • and why these issues really matter.

Using Linux on PC or Raspberry Pi, students will write, debug and run a program and make it executable.
They will then explore robotics using the PiFace interface board and simple motors.

Introduction to Raspberry Pi
(KS2 - KS3)

Bring your class to the CLC to experience the RPi before you make the investment in your own school.
Students will:

  • learn the basics of the RPi hardware and how to connect it to a keyboard, mouse and monitor and how to connect it to the network
  • use Scratch on the Pi
  • download and use some simple programs
  • write a very simple program to control one or more LEDs.
Python Immersion Day for Teachers
  • Learn Python from scratch
  • Access materials for lessons
  • Consider how to engage students at different ages and with different levels of ability.