Camden Online Safety Surveys 2016/17

Please find below, links to the 2016/17 online safety survey for children and young people in Camden.

This is the 3rd survey that has been has been undertaken and is designed to measure the impact of Camden’s Online safety strategy on the awareness and online safety of children in the borough. The survey aims to give us an understanding of where Camden’s children are at in terms of:

  • Their use of the internet
  • Their understanding of the potential risks associated
  • The type of risks they have already encountered
  • Whether they know who to tell and how to get help when they encounter a risk

Please can you ensure that the questionnaire is circulated in your school or made available to children and young people in your service area (libraries, youth clubs, after school clubs etc ).

Year 1 - Year 3

The Year 1 - Year 3 survey is designed to be completed in a classroom/group setting, with the teacher/group leader asking questions of the whole group and collating numbers of responses and comments.

Year 4 - Year 6

This survey can be completed via this hyperlink which can be also beemailed to pupils/children


This survey can be completed via this hyperlink which can alsobe emailed to pupils/children